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Bohemia Luxembourg trio


The trio consists of two distinctive virtuosos from  Of the Czech Republic - violist Jitka Hosprová and harpist Kateřina Englichová - and a renowned flutist from  Luxembourg Carlo Jans.  The body name refers to  historical connection of both countries, which in XIV. century united one ruling family. The impetus for the creation of a unique ensemble was given more than ten years ago by a great supporter and admirer of Czech music, the Englishman Geoff Piper, who lived in  Luxembourg. Bohemia Luxembourg Trio has a number of unique recordings to its credit. With its unusual instrumental composition, it inspires contemporary composers to  creation of original works, which expands its rich repertoire.


Jitka Hosprová  graduated from the Pilsen Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in  Prague in the class of doc.  Jan Pěruška. She worked in  Benewitz Quartet, collaborated with  the famous Italian violist Luigi Albert Biancchi. As a soloist, she has performed accompanied by a number of world orchestras - such as the Lorain Orchestra, the Belgian Philharmonic, the Vienna Radio Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic, etc.   She has performed at many world music shows - including Presenses-France, Rheingau Sommer, Kulturtage Dresden, Prague Autumn, Prague Spring. He tries to initiate new compositions or search for forgotten works and thus present his chosen, but often overlooked instrument to the listener.  He plays the Italian viola from  year  1856 Andrea Postacchini and Petr Zdražil on the Czech model Amati 1615 from 2010.

Carlo Jans  started playing the flute in  seven years old, on violin at twelve.  Since 1984 he has been a professor of flute and  chamber music at the Luxembourg Conservatory, from 2002 to 2009 he also taught at the Music School in Luxembourg  in Saarbrücken, Germany. He has been a member of the chamber orchestra since 2009  European Soloists - Luxembourg. IN  In 1988, he founded summer courses, where 700 students from  more than 36 countries. In addition to the just mentioned pedagogical activities, he is also a flutist and conductor.
He has performed with many orchestras, chamber ensembles and important flutists, such as Jean-Claude Gérard.
  IN  in 2005 the famous Belgian composer Francois Glorieux wrote a piece for him  called "Eight Interludes" for flute and strings. His discography includes more than 34 CDs.

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