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Get inspired by Impressions with Vilém Veverka


If we think of classical music, the names of Kateřina Englichová and Vilém Veverka are probably among the first. Both performers, which we can boldly rank among the biggest stars of the Czech scene, have been a music team for more than 13 years. They perform together at prestigious domestic and foreign festivals. Their interactive project GET INSPIRED BY IMPRESSIONS, which is linked to the album of the same name (Impressions / Supraphon), fundamentally pushes the boundaries of music perception as such. The audience is thus offered a completely unique and unrepeatable experience on the floor plan of the musical performance.


When Kateřina Englichová and Vilém Veverka performed at their first joint concert in 2005, it turned out that one of the happiest musical connections had taken place on the Czech scene. The unique combination of oboe and harp has brought so far little-seen opportunities, both in the field of chamber and concert music. Performers belong to the top of their fields - it is characteristic of the phenomenal couple that both have long been promoted individually, as soloists. In their repertoire we can find the most important compositions for oboe, harp and orchestra by leading world authors, such as W. Lutoslawski, F. Martin, A. Schnittke, I. Yun, J. Hanuš - the vast majority of them performed in the Czech premiere. In 2009 they recorded (together with pianist Ivo Kahánek) the album "Risonanza" for Supraphon.  

They perform together in a number of European countries, but also in Canada, for example. The complexity of both performers is also underlined by important activities in the field of contemporary music. In 2010, they made their debut with Isanga Yun's compositions at the Prague Spring Festival. A year later, they performed his "Duo - Kleines Doppelkonzert" at the world premiere of the same author in Berlin. Probably the only performers of the present, they performed WA Mozart's Double Concerto for oboe (original flute), harp and orchestra in C major KV. 299. Solo recordings by both artists can be found in the production of Supraphon and Arco Diva. It was for Supraphon in 2016 that they recorded the first purely independent album with music by M. Ravel, C. Debussy, or the Czech living classic, Luboš Sluka, which represents the most important of their current repertoire. The Czech author Otomar Kvěch took a significant part in the CD "Impressions", which will be released in the spring of this year. At the request of both performers, he stylistically reworked - in a completely virtuoso matter - Maurice Ravel's famous composition "Le tombeau de Couperin".

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